C-spec offers superior up to date code compliance and code rules verification supported by active code committee members.

Your welding documentation will be instantly recognized as a code compliant industry standard.

C-spec Weldoffice WPS

Customer service and receiving technical support from C-spec is like having a full time IT person, a welding engineer and a code expert on your staff. Just call or email us your question.

We know welding and welding codes and standards. Our staff consists of active code committee members and personnel with life-time hands-on welding experience, qualifying procedures and welders, inspection, personnel training and resolution of welding code related issues between customers, their clients and/or suppliers. We will always provide you with a reliable authoritative answer to any question you may have.

We are the creators and trusted guardians of the global single master source driving all assignments, revisions and updates of P-Numbers, M-Numbers and ISO TR 15608 base metal groups included in ASME Section IX Table QW/QB-422 (P-numbers), AWS B2.1 Table C1 and C2 (M-numbers), ISO/TR 20173 (ISO TR 15608 Group numbers), Pnumbers.com website, and P Numbers apps available at App Store and Google Play . We are the originators of standardized recommended WPS/PQR forms now published by AWS D1.1, AWS B2.1 and AWS D17. We are the only trusted source of comprehensive filler metal databases assigning F-numbers and applicable A-numbers to specific AWS filler metal classifications. See Fnumbers.com and F Numbers apps from App Store and Google Play .

Our highly skilled and uniquely qualified support staff speaks welding and code requirements fluently. For years, our staff has actually welded and qualified welders and welding procedures to a variety codes and standards. Thousands of companies worldwide depend on C-spec and WeldOffice®. Other providers cannot match the knowledge or the qualifications of our staff and our commitment to you. We will resolve your welding and/or code related questions instantly and effectively.

Code compliance can be tricky and welding documentation is notorious for being subject to disputes sometimes leading to unnecessary delays and/or work stoppages. The quickest way to disarm an argumentative document reviewer is with superior code knowledge. When that time comes, we will provide you with the superior code knowledge, and if necessary, put you in contact with the supreme code rule makers.

No other provider can match the qualifications and knowledge of our development and support team. Call us and ask any welding or code related question. You will quickly see why all serious result oriented organizations use WeldOffice®.

Call or email us to schedule a live tutorial with our technical support staff. No pressure... no selling... Just a simple fast way to experience the powerful WeldOffice® software features hands on with our engineers working on your immediate project needs. See for your self what our legendary customer service is all about.

Self-service demo downloads with limited functinality. Demo downloads contain incomplete out of date data. However they can be useful for testing the working environment within your system.

Direct email to and using our contact form is the most efficient method of receiving a timely response 24/7.

Details you need to know about C-spec software licensing subject to C-spec Software End User License Agreement (EULA).

Technical support, registration service, software upgrades plus Code updates are included in AMS subscription for a period of twelve (12) months. AMS subscription includes code depended updates published by ASME, AWS and ISO on or prior to the AMS expiration date.

Assistance provided for quick understanding of how to go about the most common tasks.