ASME Interpretations Software

Instantly resolves disputes involving welding procedures, welder qualifications and many other ASME BPV code issues.

The fastest most user friendly search of 11,000+ interpretations on the planet. Includes questions and replies to inquiries published since 1977 from ASME Section I through XII, B31.1 and B31.3

C-spec Weldoffice Turbo-INT

Since 1977 most of the questions anyone could ever ask about the meaning of the individual rules contained in ASME Code paragraphs and tables have been asked and answered. Thousands of these official interpretations by the ASME Code committee have been published and distributed, but until now, there has never been an easy way to search through these interpretations to quickly and thoroughly access, sort and review this invaluable reference information.

Search by text, by paragraph or by interpretation number. Simply enter or point to a paragraph number and Turbo-INT™ will list all the interpretations that have ever been published pertaining to that paragraph. Type a word, combination of words, or exact phrase and Turbo-INT™ will instantly list all the interpretations containing them.

Turbo-INT™ eliminates the costly delays and work stoppages often caused by code disputes and misunderstandings. Depending on the project size, thousands and often millions of dollars in expenses, lost time and legal fees can be saved with a single search conducted with Turbo-INT™.

Turbo-INT™ is linked directly to Turbo-IX™ for immediate listing and display of applicable ASME Section IX interpretations.