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How to customize program default settings

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Software Registration

Activation (converting demo version to full program)

Create Reports

Create a UT report (ultrasonic testing)

Create a WML (welder maintenance log)

Create a WPQ (welder performance qualification)

Create a WPS (welding procedure specification)

Create a MT report (magnetic particle)

Create a RT report (radiographic testing)

Create Records

Customize Options Settings

Drawings and Sketches

Find and Open Records

Find Qualified Welders

Import and Export

Manage Welders

Material Databases (base metals, filler metals)

Navigating Records and Properties

Sample Forms and Printouts

NDE (Nondestructive Examination)

PQR (Procedure Qualification Record)

WPS (Welding Procedure Specification)

WPQ (Welder Performance Qualificaton)

WML (Welder Maintenance Log)

pWPS (AWS prequalified WPS)

Process Expiration Report

Qualified Ranges Report

Source and Film Profile Databases