Nondestructive Examination Software

C-spec simplifies and speeds up nondestructive examination (NDE) report creation and management.

Supports all major codes and standards including ASME V, AWS D1.1, ASNT, etc., resulting in clear professional reports that are quick and simple to make.

C-spec Weldoffice NDE

Only C-spec's WeldOffice® offers superior up to date code compliance and code rules verification supported by active code committee members. Your NDE reports will be instantly recognized as a code compliant industry standard.

WeldOffice® forms used for data entry and viewing, and the hardcopy printouts are based on extensive research throughout the industry resulting in a standard layout that fulfills any application of NDE. Included in WeldOffice® NDE module are reports for radiographic, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant and magnetic particle examination, as well as a general report which can be used for other types, such as visual inspection or eddy current examination.

WeldOffice® NDE module comes with ASME and AWS technique sketches pre-drawn. With just one click, you can select a standard sketch to go into the technique box on your report or you can make your own and store it for later use. There is also a separate drawings page on each report so that you can make any other necessary drawings. For all of your drawing and editing needs WeldOffice® will integrate drawings created using any graphics/drawing program of your choice.

Free apps for searching Base Metals and Filler Metals are available for mobile devices from App Store and Google Play. Look-up materials on the go, without searching the code book or your computer

English and metric units

User defined multi-level security access with secure electronic signatures.