WeldOffice® Turbo-IXtm

WPS ASME Section IX Code Compliance Verification

Review and Qualify Welding Procedures Quickly

Does your job involve reviewing procedures for code compliance? Are you required to provide justifications to inspectors or to your clients about ASME IX compliance of your welding procedures? Are you frequently questioned about the validity of your procedures? Do you spend ten minutes or more per week looking up the code requirements? If the answer is yes to any one of the above questions, Turbo-IX™ is for you. You will find the software to be an invaluable asset in dealing with any code related issues. Turbo-IX™ will allow you to accept or to reject a WPS or a PQR in seconds. Turbo-IX™ will allow you to find the problem areas quickly and make your reviews or justifications consistent and accurate.

Unmatched Superior ASME IX Code Compliance

Only C-spec's WeldsOffice® WPS, WPQ and Turbo-IX™ offer code compliance and code rules verification supported by active code committee members.   Your welding procedures will be instantly recognized as a code compliant industry standard.

Getting ready to qualify Welding Procedures

Unless you are prepared to gamble away large sums of money, there are many things you must know before you strike an arc on your test coupon for procedure qualification to ASME IX code requirements. Turbo-IX™ will get you ready by instantly providing you the information you need to successfully qualify bullet-proof procedures. Turbo-IX™ will assist you in specifying and ordering the right materials and dimensions so you can get the most mileage out of your qualification budget. Knowing the qualification rules up-front will save you time, money and potential embarrassment by avoiding costly mistakes and oversights.

Key Features

  • ASME IX text with graphics and dynamic tables.
  • ASME IX and AWS A3.0 welding terms definitions
  • Search by process, variable type, paragraph number or by keywords
  • Instantly find cross-referenced paragraphs, graphics and definitions
  • Instantly lists the applicable ASME IX interpretations
  • Display optional Turbo-INT™ Module D interpretations
  • Searchable database of over 2,000 base metals
  • Searchable database of over 2,100 filler metals
  • Determines qualified thickness ranges and required mechanical tests
  • U.S. Customary and SI (metric) units are supported
  • Fractions and decimal representation is supported
  • Determine A-numbers from weld deposit chemistry
  • Links to WeldOffice® WPS and Turbo-INT™
Simple, Fast, Powerful

This popular software delivers a simple user friendly interface, impressive material and text searches, graphics, cross-referencing capabilities and thickness/test determination. If you work with ASME Section IX code, this software is a must. Turbo-IX™ will access and show you everything you must know about qualifying welding procedures per Section IX requirements without the need to learn how the code is organized. Use it to qualify welding procedures and to review procedures qualified by others.

Quick Access to ASME IX Requirements

Turbo-IX™ works great as a stand-alone program. Turbo-IX™is also seamlessly accessible from WeldOffice® WPS and can be easily accessed from other welding procedure writing software applications. This feature makes looking up code requirements easy and effortless while creating, editing or just browsing through WPS or PQR using your favorite welding documentation management software. This combination provides the means to thoroughly understand and to explain the output of the procedure writing programs in ASME Section IX code terms. Welding procedure writing programs use ASME IX code rules to generate code compliant documents. They are not designed to explain why they do what they do. Therefore, you need Turbo-IX™ to justify and to prove to others that your procedure actually meets the code requirements.

Make Your Life Easier

No more paging back and forth in Section IX and Section II, no more mistakes and oversights, no more hassle! All the answers you ever need are seconds away at your fingertips. Forget memorizing Code requirements and figuring out the tables. By the time you are asked to deal with them, they've probably changed anyway. Turbo-IX™ will get you the answers you need on demand, every time, quickly and consistently.

Material search

Turbo-IX™ will find all information about any ASME IX as well as AWS D1.1 classified base metal and filler metal in seconds. This capability alone is worth the price of the software. Even if you have only minimal data for a given material, Turbo-IX™ powerful search engines can quickly sort, filter, or search in any way you choose. This flexibility will save you a lot of time and headaches while searching through the 4,100 materials by:

  • Material product form
  • Material specification
  • Material type or grade
  • Filler metal classification
  • P-Number
  • F-Number
  • A-Number
  • Group Number
  • or UNS Number

Finding Variables

Turbo-IX™ gives you a number of easy ways to find the variables you are looking for. Search by process, variable type, paragraph or by keywords. With as few as a couple of clicks, Turbo-IX™ will take you to the specific variable you need to see without having to read through irrelevant paragraphs. The new powerful text search allows you to find anything based on simple keywords in plain English.

Thickness and Tests

One of the most exciting new Turbo-IX™ features is the dynamic thickness and test determination. You can determine the qualified thickness ranges and required mechanical tests as well as other required examinations instantly with a single mouse click. You can watch the requirements change dynamically as you move the thickness slider from low to high value of the test coupon thickness. Using this technique, you can determine in seconds the thickness and the minimum number of test coupons you would need to weld in order to qualify the maximum possible thickness range.

Instant Cross-References

Having to flip back and forth through the code pages trying to find cross-references is a well known time consuming task which many times results in mistakes and oversights. With Turbo-IX™, cross-referencing is easy, instantaneous and error-free. Turbo-IX™ lets you highlight any text to define, paragraph number, table or graphics reference and then retrieve the selected item with a single mouse-click. Turbo-IX™ deciphers for you what the selection is and displays the retrieved item accordingly.

What about Updates?

Turbo-IX™ is updated every time the code changes. You get your updates automatically when you subscribe for the Turbo-IX™ update service.