F Numbers

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quick lookup of filler metal groupings for welding procedure and performance qualification from master classification assignment data source developed, verified and maintained by C-spec. F-number and A-Number assignments are based on the following standards:

ASME Section IX Table QW-432 and QW-442

AWS B2.1 Table B1 and B2

AWS A5.1 through A5.36

ISO 15614-1 Table 10 and 11

Quick Lookup Abbreviated Search Title ( Legend ):

F# ( F-Number )

A# ( A-Number )

Spec ( AWS A or ASME SFA Specification number )

Classification ( AWS Filler Metal Classification )

UNS ( Unified Numbering System )

Respective registered trademark owners:

ASME® The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

AWS® The American Welding Society

ISO® International Organization for Standardization

WeldOffice® Asmeix Corporation d.b.a. C-spec

C-SPEC® Asmeix Corporation d.b.a. C-spec