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C-spec Customer Service
PO Box 5188
Concord, California 94524 

Voicemail: +1.877.977.7999
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Tips on contacting us efficiently

Email and using Support and Service forms is the most efficient method of receiving a timely response 24/7.

Leaving a detailed voice message will prompt an available qualified representative to respond to your request either by email or by telephone, usually within minutes during our regular business hours (Mon.-Fri. 7am-5pm Pacific Time).

If you wish to speak with our representatives, leave a detailed voice message with your contact information, telephone number and the time you can be reached. Most importantly, mention your email address in your message so we can immediately notify you if our attempt to contact you by telephone was unsuccessful and to arrange for a convenient time to call you. This will save you and us time by avoiding repeated back and forth telephone calls (telephone tag).

Technical support issues are resolved most efficiently if you email us a screen shot of what you believe is the best description of the issue.

Our corporation's Federal Tax Id and Form W-9 link is shown at the bottom of our invoices and estimates.

Most importantly, our skilled representatives are trained to respond to your voice messages and email requests quickly and to resolve your inquiries efficiently, usually within a single contact session. This can only be accomplished with your cooperation by providing us with a detailed description of the nature of your call or email message. The right expert will promptly contact you to follow through with your concerns.